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Photographic History of The 47th Bombardment Group. 300 pictures. [VIEW]
Lt. Kenneth J. O’Boyle, 97th Bomb Squadron picture collection. 108 pictures. [VIEW]
Joe Ryan, 97th Bomb Squadron picture collection. Thanks to his wife Mary from the state of Washington for donating these. Great crew goings on here. 23 pictures. [VIEW]
Captain Charles F. Klauber, DFC, Operations Officer, 97th Bomb Squadron picture collection. Thanks to daughter Nancy and her mother Kay. 100 pictures. [VIEW]
Lieutenant Daniel L. Burritt, 86th Bomb Squadron picture collection, North Africa, Sicily & Italy. 68 missions. You can read about one of his most harrowing flights at MACR #1798. Mr. Burritt retired from the Air Force in 1970. Pics courtesy of his grandson Wes. 27 pictures. [VIEW]
Lieutenant Robert P. Hunter 84th Bomb Squadron Bombardier picture collection. 42 pictures [VIEW]
2nd Lt. Howard O. Weger, Pilot, 97th Bomb Squadron collection.  Howard flew 28 night missions with the 97th in March and April 1945.  Thank you so much Howard for the contribution and your friendship over the years!  28 pictures. [VIEW]
Staff Sgt. Bruce W. Porter, Grayson KY. 85th BS Rear Gunner Picture Collection. Thanks so much to Grandson Jarrod Greer for this compilation. 130 pictures. [VIEW]
David Breece Lt. Col, USAF, Ret'd: Pilot, 84th Bomb Squadron collection. 50 missions, home by Dec. 1943. One of the early ones! Thanks to his daughter Barbara Breece Roesch for sharing.193 pictures. [VIEW]

Corporal Frank Hummer, Cleveland Hts., Ohio.  84th BS Armorer Picture Collection.  Thanks to the interest and generosity of granddaughter Olivia for sharing this compilation of Military service, family, and friends. 63 pictures. [VIEW]

Sgt. John Henry Murphy, New Orleans, LA.  97th BS Turret Gunner - Shot down March 27, 1944.  Personal account of his ordeal being wounded, captured, escaping, and getting back to his squadron. Also, the "Mascot Monkey!". Thanks to Matt Soulant for sharing. [VIEW]

Mike Jimenez, Mechanic, 85th Squadron. Mike was assigned to #34 "Miss Burma." Mike enlisted Jan. 8, 1942 right after Pearl Harbor. Mike spent 33 months overseas with "Miss Burma," a most famous A-20B (you can get it in a kit, 1/48" scale!). This ship amassed an amazing 270 missions and 824 hours with no injuries. Mike experienced strafing by Bf-109's in N. Africa. They would come in just as the sun was rising, it blazing behind them as the anti-aircraft gunners would be blinded looking into the sun. They would make at most one or two passes. One time the enemy hit a cow, which they were able to eat. They were not supposed to slaughter local livestock. Pics and stories courtesy of his Grandson Matthew Callaghan. Thanks, Matt! [VIEW]

Staff Sgt. John H. Matsumoto47th Bomb Gp. 97th Sq. (50 missions) One of only a few airmen in the USAAF of Japanese descent; definitely the only one in an A-20. [VIEW]

Staff Sergeant, Leo Anthony Alvarez Jr., San Francisco, Calif.; XXII Tactical Air Command Navigator, bombardier, and gunner with the 84th Bomb Squadron 47th Bomb Group. He was KIA on 12/24/1944 returning from his 34th mission, searching for another missing plane, one mile off Vada Italy in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Click here to see his MACR report. Before joining the Army Air Corp, he entered the US Army at the onset of WWII as an Artilleryman and saw combat in North Africa. He was also an amateur photographer and during his time in combat operation he took many photos. He is buried at Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Bruno California. Hopefully this piece of history can reach or complete some of the other family’s looking for answers to what our brave men and women sacrificed for our freedoms. Thanks to Leo’s nephew, Byron R. Alvarez, Deputy Chief of Police Ret., Sgt. US Army Ret., for sharing a personal account of Leo, his dedication to fight facism, courage, and sacrifice. 87 pictures [VIEW]

"86th Bomb Squadron The Lone Prowlers” Photo Album. Produced, compiled and created by Captain W. A. Stockton, First Lieutenant Glenn D. Farris, and Second Lieutenant Robert L. Jones. Lithographed by Guthrie Lithograph Co. Washington D. C.  99 Pictures  [VIEW]