The 57th Fighter Group   The famed P-40 and P-47 Fighter Group whose 3 squadrons fought the same determined foe in the MTO.
Yankee Air Museum Preserving the facts and glamour of southeastern Michigan's aviation history. Research, restoration, and preservation of the all but forgotten history of Willow Run Airport, where 8685 B-24 Liberators were produced.  Henry Fords Bomber Plant where by April 1944, A B-24 was completed every 59.34 minutes. (
How to a place a name on the Registry:
Witness to War: Preserving oral, photos and memoirs of combat veterans from WWII: ( Aircraft/Pilot investigations/missions in the Po Valley Italy WWII. Thanks to Ago, Stefano, Diego, Luca and Matteo!
Archival footage of 85th BS, 47th BG on mission over Anzio beachhead courtesy of “Military Cinema”. “Pauline” mission footage from top gunners position, flak damage happens as film progresses. (VIDEO)
Cars, Tanks, Planes of WWII -  Whether in the air or on the ground, the cars, tanks, and airplanes used during World War II had a great impact on a nation’s ability to successfully campaign against the enemy. Thanks to Eric, 7th Grader from Mr. Workman’s History Class, Kingston Middle School for this link!    
Thanks to Kerri, her mother Marlene, and Kerri’s teacher for keeping our history alive.
Kerri is working on a "World Wars”  project for her Social Studies class which has moved online due to the Pandemic.