2nd Lt. Howard Weger, 97th Bomb Squadron 47th Bomb Group

"I arrived late in the campaign and only flew out of Grosseto and Pisa"

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Lt. James Wadsworth, Lt, G. C. Braman, Lt. H. O. Weger, May 1945, Pisa AAB Italy.

William N. Ungar, from Riverside, CA.  Lived a mile from me in Sun City West AZ after the war.

March or April 1945 in the Officers Quarters at Pisa Army Air Field Italy. The site was a former technical school just out side of the wall across from the Leaning Tower. The dining room table in the center with a GI blanket over it served as a card table. It usually had an open straw protected flask of warm Chianti wine in the center except when a card game was in progress. Ten or twelve crew members slept on folding Army cots around the outer walls that can be seen under the windows of the room, while the table also served as a desk for letter writing and an after hours bar on special occasions. The regular bar was tended by Araldo, a local young man with ambitions to go to the states after the war. This second floor dormitory was our home when VE day occurred on May 10th, 1945.

These PIX are significant because they are believed to be the last taken of Walter Fassett from Washington DC, and Clark Ferree from Ft. Worth TX. They failed to return from a mission on April 23rd, 1945, and were the last combat casualties of the 47th Bomb Group. No remains were ever found to the best of my knowledge. In the picture above, Ferree is on the right side of the bench with back to camera, Fassett to his left. In the picture below, Ferree is dealing cards in the center, Fassett is to his left.

Milan main street May 1945. L to R  G. Braman, J,Wadsworth, Lt. Zito

Swiss boarder at Como, Italy, g. Braman, J. Wadsworth, H. Weger, May 1945

Milan Cathedral, May 1945, G Braman, H. Weger

A youthful looking Howard stateside after the war enjoying his motorcycle. 
Notice his Officers cap, bomber jacket and 97th BS patch!


An even more youthful Howard age 14, next to his machine.

Howard's Combat Sorties Mission Log, March-April 1945. Signed by Harry L'Heureux, who was the Sqdn. Operations Officer and often flew the daily weather reconnaissance over the target areas mid day for the 4PM mission briefings.

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